Power Rack Upgrades

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Monkey Bar

- 4 Neutral Grip Handles

- V-Handle

- 2" Fat Bar 

- 1.25" Regular Size Bar

Dip Handles

- Separate handles that fit onto swing-in safety

- Adjustable in width

- Quickly put on and removable with 1 bolt & wing nut


High Cable System

-Must have selected a rack with weight storage

-Built into the rear weight storage framework

-Allows for various exercises utilizing the a high cable set-up

-Attachments not included

 Low Cable System

-Must have high cable system added

-Completely Removable with 1 cable connection & a pop-pin

-Allows for low cable movements, such as rows, curls, etc...

-Attachments not included

Belt Squat

- Removable platform for belt squats within power rack

- Must have selected high cable system to incorporate

- New "Racking" Mechanism (pictured on white rack)

- 1 Belt Squat Belt Included with order (please select size) 

- Additional belts available for $45