After Market Hardware Kit for Replacement Bench Pad Mounting

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After market hardware kit that includes 4 furniture wood nuts, an Allen wrench to install them, and four 3/8"x1" bolts with lock washers.  

For installation, we recommend placing the pad upside down and setting your bench frame on top of it.  Mark where the holes will need to be on your new pad and then move the frame out of the way.  Then you will need to a drill and 1/2" drill bit to drill the marked holes to align to your frame.  Be careful not to push to far through and puncture the vinyl.  Once the holes are drilled, use the Allen wrench to insert the 4 wood nuts into the new bench pad.  Place you pad frame back on the bench pad and attach it using the 3/8"x1" bolts and lock washers. 

Note: Shipping is not included with this item as it is intended to only ship along with replacement pads being ordered.