2024 USA Powerlifting Arizona Fall Classic (AZ-2024-03)

Registration: Opens 04/01 Roster Liability Waiver (required) Meet cap: 115 Lifters
AZ-2024-03 Lifter's Handbook Meet Shirt (coming soon) USAPL Membership
When: November 2nd & 3rd, 2024 
Where: Omega Strong Gym, Phoenix, AZ

General meet info email will be sending out around 1.5-month out to lifters who signed up.

The 2024 USAPL Arizona Fall Classic is open to all currently registered USAPL members. 

1. USAPL Membership (required): USAPL Cards can be purchased online at www.usapowerlifting.com. 

All lifters must have been drug-free for the past thirty-six (36) months.

There are Equipped, Raw with Wraps and Raw divisions.

Raw Lifting: As of September 1, 2007 “Raw” lifting rules require all competitors to wear a regulation one piece non supportive lifting suit. Wrist wraps and belts are OK.  Neoprene knee sleeves are OK. No other support gear is allowed. Only raw gear approved by USAPL is permitted. See www.USAPowerlifting.com

Drug Testing: You must be drug free for at least 36 months prior to the date of this meet to be eligible to compete. At least 10% of all lifters will be tested by urinalysis. Banned substances include but are not limited to anabolic steroids and growth hormones. The complete list of banned substances is available on the web site of the World Anti-Doping Agency (see www.WADA-ama.org).

Lifting Attire: All competitors must wear a one piece lifting suit or a wrestling singlet, shoes and a T-Shirt. All equipment must conform to USA Powerlifting rules. See www.USAPowerlifting.com for details.

2. Registration Timeline: 

Early Bird Registration: $120 (Deadline - May 31st)

Regular Registration: $145 (June 1st - September 25th)

Late Registration: $170 (after September 25th if spots are still available)

3. Meet Schedule:

Early equipment check is optional but recommended and will be on Friday 11/01 from 6:30PM - 7:30PM at Omega Strong Gym. 

You will need to show us your current USAPL membership card (digital is acceptable), photo ID (DL, school ID, military ID, passport, birth certification if youth lifter, etc.) & everything you are wearing to compete. We recommend looking over the Lifters Handbook and New Lifter Tips on the USA Powerlifting site.

Meet day: This will be a three-session, one-platform meet.

- Session 1 (Saturday AM): Regular Check-in with Equipment Check: 7AM. (USAPL ID & Photo ID are required. Show referees everything you're wearing on the platform)

Weigh-in: right after you have your Equipment checked, to no later than 8:30AM (no exception). (openers & rack height are required before you go weigh-in)

Lifting starts at 9:00AM, ends around 1:30PM. Awards to follow.

- Session 2 (Saturday PM): Regular Check-in with Equipment Check: 12:30PM. (USAPL ID & Photo ID are required. Show referees everything you're wearing on the platform)

Weigh-in: at 1:00PM, to no later than 2:30PM (no exception). (openers & rack height are required before you go weigh-in)

Lifting starts at 3:00PM, ends around 7:30PM. Awards to follow.

- Session 3 (Sunday AM): same schedule as Session 1. 

4. Changes after signing up:

Please see www.texasstrengthsystems.com/pages/meets for any meet change request including weight class, division, team name, etc.. Any division(s) add or changes or add won’t be accepted within 2 weeks out from the date of the meet.

For cancellations & refund, please first visit texasstrengthsystems.com/meets for the Cancellation Policies and send us an email with your info for cancellation request.

Any questions please email meets@texasstrengthsystems.com. If you're an Adaptive Athlete, please send us an email with your USAPL Membership card.