2023 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Cup


Registration Roster Liability Waiver Deadline: Nov. 4
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The 2023 USAPL Collegiate Cup is open to all USAPL Collegiate members (active college students).
If you need a USAPL membership, you can register for the meet now and purchase the membership at the beginning of November so that it covers 2024 as well. All lifters must have been drug-free for the past thirty-six (36) months.
Please make sure to enter name of school you're attending under "Team" for team placing. 


When: December 2-3, 2022

Where: Texas Strength Systems, San Antonio, TX

This will be a three-platform, two-day meet.


Official Timeline:

  1. Friday 11/17 @11:59pm - Weight Class (& division) declarations due using THIS FORM.  Failure to make your weight class will place you as a guest lifter.
  2. Friday 11/17 @11:59pm - Deadline to purchase meet shirt, for those who have not get on at registration or have fmaily & friends that would like to get meet shirts, they are available here. We will have a limited amount for sale at the meet as well.
  3. Sunday 11/19 @ 11:59pm - Please submit your rack heights if you know what they are on TSS racks by this time.  If you do not know them, you will need to get them upon arriving for your session and write them on your attempt card.  https://liftingcast.com/meets/m78vmr5416dp/rackHeights
  4. Tuesday 11/28 @ 11:59pm - Submission of opening attempts so that we can use forecasted totals to split weight classes the fairest way possible.  We will send out a separate email with google form to submit these on.  Openers can still be changed up until 3 minutes (or 3 lifters) before your flight starts.
  5. Tuesday 11/28 @ 11:59pm - Submission for scoring rosters.  We will also send out a specific form for this as well.
Early Equipment Check (for all sessions): Friday 12/01 6pm to 8pm
If referees from your team will be present, their help would be greatly appreciated so we can get this process done quicker.
Session breakdown won't be shown on Liftingcast until after weight class change due date. 
Session 1:  (Saturday) 
Weigh-ins 7-8:30am
Lifting 9am to ~1pm
Women's Equipped:  44kg to 75kg
Men's Raw:  52kg to 75kg
Session 2: (Saturday)
EQ check 1:00 to 2:30pm
Weigh-ins 1:30 to 3pm
Lifting 3:30 to ~7:30pm
Women's Equipped:  82.5kg to 100+kg
Women's Raw:  44kg to 60kg
Men's Raw 82.5kg
Session 3:  (Sunday)
EQ check:  6:30 to 8am
Weigh-ins: 7 to 8:30am
Lifting 9am to ~1pm
Women's Raw: 67.5kg to 75kg
Men's Raw:  90kg
Men's Equipped:  52kg to 90kg
Session 4:  (Sunday)
EQ check 1:00 to 2:30pm
Weigh-ins 1:30 to 3pm
Lifting 3:30 to ~7:30pm
Women's Raw:  82.5kg to 100+kg
Men's Raw 100kg to 140+kg
Men's Equipped:  100kg to 140+kg





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