"I like the design; it is solid and compact when you consider the number of dumbbell pairs on it.  Fits right where it is supposed to and can get into the lower shelves with the heavier weights.  Very nice.  Really well built.  As my wife said, in an earthquake it is not going anywhere.

Funny thing:  the guy who delivered it, put the entire package on a pallet jack, then moved the entire thing to the tail gate.  I am looking at that saying I am staying out of the way because it did what I expected, it fell off the tailgate.  The delivery guy says it was the first time that has ever happened.  Good packaging and solid steel--nothing wrong--not even a scratch.  He felt bad and thus helped me move the rack into the proper place.  Nice to have the help and the pallet jack. 

By the way, my neighbor came over to see it and was impressed with the quality of the welding--he used to supervise welders.  And he was impressed with the material used--solid, strong, and well built. "

- Mike

"Just wanted say thanks! Received the Texas Power Bar lightening fast. The competition bench is far better than I ever expected! There is something to be said about quality equipment. Solid foundation for a solid lift...Gains are through the roof. I will definitely recommend you to all in my neck of the woods! 
I will be in touch in the near future, looking to upgrade to your FID bench!"
Thanks Again,
Iron Viking Gym 
"I can give Texas Strength Systems a positive review, and honestly say it was a great solution to my needs considering my space requirements. I would highly recommend their equipment."
Full Review:
"Just got home and everything unpacked and setup.It looks great, I appreciate all the work to get it done. I'll for sure recommend you to anyone I hear talking about getting equipment."
- Mike 

Your monkey bar is first rate construction and will provide years of agony, God willing. At first, I wondered if it would crush my cheap Body Solid cage.

Thank you kindly.


Thank you very much for all the work that went into making such a great rack I am super impressed and very happy with the final product.  I am very happy with the final product here's a picture of the finished product.
Both the bench and the rack are excellent very impressed on both. getting stronger and getting ready to compete in august will let you know how it goes but lifting is up right now. doing a uspa meet in san jose going for world records in dead and bench. havent decided if im doing raw or gear but will let you know the results. once again thankyou so much for the wonderful equipment well worth the wait.
Thanks for the follow up and tell Tom I appreciate meeting to drop off my bar. Today will be the first chance to use my new toy. It went together fairly easy and I'm more than satisfied with the quality and how the bag hang turned out!
Thanks again,
I am loving the deadlift bar.  I was able to hit a pretty easy 500lb beltless deadlift tonight with just double overhand!
I hit some lighter speed work with the trap bar afterwards.
Both bars feel super solid and definitely will be able to take a beating.
Thanks again!


"Hi Eric. My name is Travis Beck, and I purchased some equipment from Wes last August. I bought the IPF style combo rack, a galvanized power rack with a slide in bench, and a used lat pulldown. All of the equipment is absolutely fantastic. I have been extremely pleased. However, I am considering buying a few more items if they are available:Face savers for the IPF style combo rack, Monolift hooks to go on my power rack, Power Rack Hand Jacks. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I absolutely love the equipment you guys make. I work at the University of Oklahoma, and one of my former students (Matt Stock) was looking to buy some equipment. He asked me where to buy, and I told him TSS. He loves his rack, too. You guys are the best."

- Travis


"Just wanted to tell you that the guys and we just finished our first deadlift workout with the TPB. It performed flawlessly and the guys were very impressed, as most of them have never used a quality bar. A few had some pretty tore up hands, but that's good for them! I can't wait for my bench and ghd to come in and complete the garage gym! Thanks again! "

- Luke


"The stand's working great.  I haven't bolted it down yet but it hasn't been an issue.  Craftsmanship is great and it's getting daily use.  Thanks again for the great stand for a great price!"

- Justin
- San Antonio, TX


"I appreciate all of the customer service support that you provided and will continue my purchases of equipment from your company, I am quite impressed with the 'Texas Power Bar' that I received. I have trained under Louie Simmons founder of the Westside Powerlifting Gym in Columbus, Ohio since the '80's and I would rate your 'TPB' up along side of the 'Westside Power Bar' manufactured by Rogue which sells for $375.00."


Pitbull Powerlifting Gym

Cincinnati, OH


"Eric the barbell is great.  I loved it and so do my clients and training partners.  Thanks for the help!  Will not be my last purchase from TSS."

- Sam


"Just wanted to let you know I have received all of my equipment and couldn't be happier!  Thanks for your promptness and professionalism in getting my gear sent out to me even amidst some logistical and holiday issues.  I wish you well and won't hesitate to contact you if I ever need more equipment from Texas Strength Systems."

- Jon

- Force Facotr Fitness LLC


"Hey Eric, here are a few pictures of the rack after getting eerything set up and organized.  Again, the rack went together perfectly and with ease.  The bench is solid and I really like how the bench itself has a "sticky" type of finish instead of the smooth finish on cheaper benches.  Everything on this rack is absolutely solid.  Without it being bolted down, I did some dips without any plates loaded on the storage rack to weigh it down, and with me at 275, it didn't budge at all.  I haven't gotten a chance to work in it yet, but from just putting it together and doing a few dips I'm sold.  This rack, without a doubt was completely worth the drive down to pick it up and every penny paid for it.  It was good finally meeting you and the guys out there.  Looking forward to some good workouts in this rack.  Also looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future.  Hopefully will be adding the monolift attachment to the rack eventually.  Thanks again for supplying such an awesome product to us."



"Got the bench in wednesday afternoon and looks great! I really appriciate all the work you all put into it and your fast delivery. I have in the workings to also get the power rack, adjustable bench, a power bar, and bands and possibly more! I'll keep u posted when it comes more to light. Thanks again for the badass bench!"

Thank you,
Andrew Wilhelmi

Fargo, North Dakota

"Put the rack together and it looks great. I just got done bolting it down. i plan on doing some squats in there tonight. you guys did a great job and i always recommend you guys on bodybuilding.com."

Sean Mcleod
from CA

"You made me a custom monolift-rack that I received back in August. You did an awesome job! I lifted in an IPA meet in October and totaled 10.5 times my body weight. I am much more comfortable in competition because of this monolift. I could not tell the difference between mine and the 'real' one they used in competion. I could not tell the difference between mine and the 'real' one they used in competion. I really appreciate your communication through out the whole time in building this thing from scratch. In short, I am very, very pleased. "

- Mike Gugino
- 1980 total at 181

Just wanted to let you know I got the bar today and am very happy with quality of the bar. It's pretty hard for me not to like squats anymore, but with this bar I can say I do and the difference between it and what I have been using is phenomenal.

Thank you again for the service and correspondence. I have recommended Texas Strength Systems to several other powerlifters here in town and several powerlifters and gyms in Phoenix and will continue to do so.


"The mono attachment is awesome. It works perfectly, very ingenious design and quality construction as well. I really think you have a killer product for guys who have a rack but can't shell out $3000 for a monolift."

- Ron Carroll, Lonestar Barbell

"AWESOME power rack! Well made in the USA, well designed by folks who actually lift weights. The monkey bar is exceptional for variety and a perfect place to hang my rings. I feel very safe when using this cage. Great job TSS!"

- Ken - Burnett, TX