Sponsorships & Scholarships

Sponsorship & Scholarship


UTSA Powerlifting Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is a new initiative for the upcoming school year.  It is strictly alumni driven so the number and amount of scholarships awarded each year will be determined by amount of donations.  This scholarship will be awarded at the end of the Fall semester.  In order to be eligible, high school seniors need to be accepted to UTSA by April and need to attend the team's annual signing/recruiting day held towards the end of April each year..  Those attending the signing day will form the scholarship candidate pool, and then the final recipient(s) will be determined based on Fall GPA & practice attendance. Donations to the scholarship fund can be done online at https://giving.utsa.edu/utsapowerlifting  

General Scholarships

If you apply & get accepted before February 15th you can be eligible to receive general scholarshipsfrom the University. These general scholarships range from $500 to $5000 per semester, and some are renewable for up to eight semesters. Therefore, we encourage you to apply early or you could be missing out on up to $40,000 in scholarship money. If you have any questions in regards to getting general scholarships, we will be glad to help.  Any out of state student receiving a competitive scholarship for $1000 or more may also be eligible to have their out of state fees waived for the term or year the scholarship is awarded.


Texas Strength Systems Sponsorship

Texas Strength Systems offers conditional sponsorships to incoming lifters who are dedicated to improving the team and the sport of powerlifting. In exchange for helping at meets hosted by TSS, we help cover many of the teams expenses, such as entry fees and team shirts & jackets. We also have belts, & wraps to provide for our sponsored lifters.